Altin Sirop

  • Effective for ages,
  • Added with marshmallow,
  • For productive & Non Productive Cough,
  • Safe in pregnancy,
  • 100 % Blend of Natural Actives,
  • Available in lemon & orange flavour,
An Herbal Formulation blended with 100% natural actives gives instant relief from Cough Sore throat Hoarseness Congestion


  • Menthol Local anesthetics Calming & Cooling effect Anti-inflammatory
  • Eucalyptus Oil Antibacterial Antifungal Antimicrobial Antiviral Anti-inflammatory Decongestant
  • Sunthi Cough Suppressant, Honey Soothing Healing Antioxidant Antibacterial
  • Effective for ages
  • Added with marshmallow
  • For productive & Non Productive Cough
  • Safe in pregnancy
  • 100 % Blend of Natural Actives
  • Available in lemon & orange flavor.


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